Type Work

A brief outline of typographic based work and services


art direction

I enjoy being part of team that clicks together and combines skills to create something greater than the singular talent. I have been part of several teams offering up compositions and directional sketches to push a concept forward. Andres Guzman and myself helped create the ID for the 2014 KCA under the direction of CC Bursell.


title design

To convey a mood and communicate the tone of a property with type can be challenging yet rewarding. I have had the luxury of creating title type for several indie films and large television productions. Above: The Ice Storm Title Card.


Style guides

I have assisted a wide variety of companies in establishing their properties with guiding principals and rules to help maintain a brand consistency. Above: Cinemax On Demand Style Guide.


Graphic Storyboards

I map out spots and ads with storyboards when there is a need drive tune-in or introducing a property that requires tags, titles + endpages. Above: Nickelodeon's TMNT under the Creative Direction of Dan Dickson.



I create logos and full identity systems for corporate companies as a Designer or Art Director. Above: NBCUniversal Logotype for Calvin Chu

Type work examples below.