Channel Zero: Butcher's Block

Art Direction and Design


Style Guide

The 3rd season of Channel Zero has layers of rich themes, like social class and schizophrenia. The Style guide touched upon these densely layered topics in visual form. Above: Butcher photo by Allen Fraser.


Key Art

I initially composed this piece as a back-up or secondary art. After reviewing several directions, the team decided to lead with the more photographic approach rather then the Baroque styled painting in the initial pitch.


Art Direction: Secondary Key Art

Working with Sabas Apterus was a luxury. He understood the haunting beauty of the property and delivered this fantastic visual summary.   

Inherent Madness.png

Art direction: Social media

I worked with Paul Jackson to create a series of 6 illustrations to represent 6 episodes of CZBB. The images were used in static form but also animated by Serial Looper for a dynamic social post.


Photo Art Direction

This shoot took place on a seamless set in Winnipeg while production was filming. I worked with the exceptional Brenden Meadows to set up what would become our character portrait series. 

Working on the third installment of the Channel Zero anthology series (Butcher's Block) by Nick Antosca became highlight at the end of 2017. Getting a chance to work with great talent and having little oversight and micro management made for some great and inspired creative. Below is a sample of some of my work. 

Photography: Brenden Meadows

Mural Illustration: Jon DeSantis