Blood Drive

Art Direction and Design


art direction

I worked with legendary poster artist Graham Humphreys on the Blood Drive Key Art, providing him with a rough compositional sketch along with a few reference photos. He was given a proper balance of respect, space and guidance not often common during this process. 


Title Design

Somewhere between the 4th or 5th round came this treatment. There were a few that could have worked but ultimately this felt the most right for the property.  


Episodic Titles

All 13 episodes were given their own title treatment to reflect the sub-genre being referenced that week. This gave each one it's own identity within the larger Blood Drive world.


Social media

VHS covers and lobby cards were composed for each episode to help drive tune-in. This included the sub-genre title treatment yet cohesive under the larger Blood Drive look.  


Press kit

I assembled a low budget press kit (web and print) with the help of Luke Watkins , Ed Sherman and crudely styled episodic discriptions by Diana Davis.

Being part of the marketing team for Blood Drive was a true joy and one I hope to repeat with future "spirited" productions. Myself, along with writer/producers Justin Grazioli and Max Tadaldi, were given a rare freedom and trust that resulted in ideal marketing materials.  Below is sample of some design work I created for the campaign.

Episodic Title Cards

Cinematography: Ron Levy