The Live Canvas Project

Art Direction and Design


Book design

I had the honor of creating a coffee table book for 2 incredible artists. The Photographer Tiago Chediak, and my good friend, Tattoo Artist J.P Rodrigues have a spirt that emanates from their body of work.   



Because of the long title, I created a typographic mark using the first letters of each word. This mark was used as the book cover design for a special edition limited run of 250 copies and visual shorthand for promotions.



The type style is simple as to not distract the tattoo work of JP and the images of Tiago. The aim was to have it quiet yet sophisticated.



Some marketing materials and announcements for the book launch were created using the earlier work done when determining the cover art.



We paced the book by color and compositional form of the subjects. Special thanks to Ken Liew for layout assistance, and retoucher, Breno de Faria.

Below are a few snapshots of the journey. The book is available to purchase here.